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Greening Nepal's Carpet and Pashmina Industries

Bishnu with his generator

Carpet and Pashmina industries are two of the major export-oriented industries in Nepal, but they are challenged by outdated manufacturing technologies and practices. Funded by European Commission’s SWITCH Asia project, Mercy Corps Nepal is implementing a project titled “Enhancing Sustainability and Profitability of Carpet and Pashmina Industries in the Kathmandu Valley”. The project aims to make the carpet and Pashmina industries more resource efficient, in the process reducing their impact on the environment and making these industries financially and environmentally sustainable.

As a part of the pilot phase of the project, Mercy Corps staff provided training on Cleaner Production (CP) to 18 carpet washing, wool dyeing, and Pashmina manufacturing industries. Bishnu Sharma of Kamana Dyeing Udhyog, a wool dyeing venture based on the outskirts of Kathmandu, is one of the participants of the three-phase CP training. Together with his Dyeing Master and a few highly motivated factory workers, Bishnu formed a CP team within his dyeing unit.

Applying his newly acquired knowledge of calculating the payback period for new equipment, Bishnu realized that he could save a significant amount of money just by replacing the factory's old and inefficient generator. Without any financial assistance from Mercy Corps, Bishnu added two highly efficient generators of varying capacity. He then rescheduled operations in his factory in such a way that the high capacity generator is only used during peak working hours and the smaller unit is used during the down time. With this one change, the factory saves 13,500 liters of diesel annually, resulting in savings of $11,800 and 36 MT of CO2e.

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