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"Out of Sight Out of Mind"

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Mercy Corps along with its implementing partner SEED Nepal is working with 71 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) covering three sectors wool dyeing, carpet washing, and pashmina industries in order for them to increase productivity, environmental performance and become resource efficientfor profitable and sustainable business operation through continuous process improvement.

Activities includes: In house awareness raising, Lead Training for key person of the SMEamong others on Resource Efficient Cleaner Production practices and its importance that is not only applicable in the industry but also equally applicable in our daily lives starting from our own homes. Developingunderstanding of generating less waste, optimization and use of resources efficiently are few key areas contributing to savings, and reducing medical expenses by following health and safety measures not only in the industries but also at individual homes in a longer term perspective. However, there is an initial cost attached to it, which is time and effort of the individuals in changing their own perceived mindset, thinking process and attitude.

In order to continue doing so the project “Enhancing the sustainability and profitability of the carpet and pashmina industries” funded by European Union, initiated SMS campaign to its project beneficiaries and wider SMEs within the sector along with the association stakeholders. The SMS includes messaging on clean practices, its application, benefits and environmental management. Messages have been developed and delivered through SMS technology in the mobile phones of the owners, managers, supervisors, dyeing masters and associates. Mr. Bharat Adhikary, owner of Bharat Carpet Udhyog, is one of the recipients of the message who was surprised and pleased to receive such message. Mr. Adhikary in his own words explains, “Such notification is a reminder for me and my key personals to continue practicing cleaner production and follow the saying that goes in Nepali “Today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow needs to be better than today. “

Amongst many services, the project uses the SMS technology to communicate, triggerand follow up on CP within its target communities with a vison to retain Cleaner production within one’s mind so that impacts of changed behavior and practices can be observed in the long term.

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