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Introducing Child Centered Learning in Kailali Schools

This past August, the first phase of training on Quality Education and Life Skill to secondary level teachers of the project schools was completed. It focused on training teachers on Child Centered Learning approaches to fundamentally change the existing rote method of teacher centered approaches for a more inclusive and participatory process of learning.

In order to enhance the quality of educational preparedness, response and recovery, increase access to safe and relevant learning opportunity and ensure accountability in providing these services, Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) has set 19 minimum standards, three of which includes Teaching and Learning that focuses on improving instruction and learning processes by practicing a learner-centered, participatory and inclusive approach in education.

Operating under INEE standards, ROTA DRR programming in Kailali has initiated applying Child Centered Learning (CCL) approaches in the district for the first time.

Dinesh is a teacher of Shree Darakh Higher Secondary School, “this training is very useful for giving quality education. Immediately after my training, I started to try using the innovative teaching methods that were taught in the training. I called a teacher’s meeting where I shared learning on this with the other teachers of my school. As a result, we have decided to try to change the teaching approach as much as possible with the available resources. So, now we have different groups formed for classes 1-8. Each group has a leader. After every group work they have a group presentation. The students have found this to be more interactive and are excited to learn. Earlier, students seldom spoke in class. There was no opportunity to speak up. But now, they know that they need to speak and are very alert in class. This approach has increased their level of confidence.”

Like Dinesh, for other teachers and students, the introduction of the CCL approach has brought renewed excitement and hope, “A hope for a better future through a better school environment and quality education”.

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