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Students Raising Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives

Students performing cultural dance

Since the start of Supporting the Role of Schools in Disaster Risk Reduction project, the Junior Red Cross Circles (JRCs) have been actively involved in organizing various activities in their schools to disseminate DRR related messages through peer-to-peer education. The project equipped the youth with DRR related knowledge by conducting various trainings including First Aid, Leadership, Search and Rescue, Early Warning System, and Disaster Management. The trainings were not limited to lectures but included interactive and practical sessions such as simulation exercises. In addition to promoting peer-to-peer education through the JRCs to their peer students, the project has been working to equip the JRCs with the resources to respond in the event of a disaster. This includes JRC members managing 'Emergency Funds' to be used to support response, recovery and preparedness activities.

In the month of December, the JRCs decided to organize a Mutthidan - an indigenous practice of collecting funds where each family donates a hand full of rice or grain. The JRCs collected 70 kg of wheat and 50 kg of rice and agreed to sell the collected items with the funds then deposited into the Emergency Fund. As this approach to fundraising continues, the JRCs are hoping they will double the amount raised so far.

This is just one example of youth empowered by the project to take the initiative to affect change in their community with the ultimately goal of building resilience in their schools and communities.

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