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A Journey to the FIFA World Cup™

Girls in Fulbari have started daily football training.

Muna Pangali, 13 years old, was one of the first in her school to attend matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Her travels took her all the way from Kailali, Nepal to São Paulo, Brazil from 16-29 June, 2014 as a Generation Amazing Youth Ambassador from Nepal. Along the way, she stopped in Doha, Qatar to participate in the youth leadership development programme with other Nepali students and youth from around the world. She travelled as a part of the Generation Amazing Youth Ambassador Programme, an initiative of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar’s delivery and legacy authority for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. In the two-week programme, six Nepali youth from three different districts of the country had the opportunity to travel to Doha, Qatar and then to São Paulo, Brazil, where they visited various local NGOs, learned about the countries and played football with youths from Brazil, while taking part in various learning sessions and leadership development activities along with youth ambassadors from Qatar, Jordan and Pakistan. Now Muna has returned to Nepal and has started sharing with her peers and community about their experiences and the changes in their lives after this exposure.

    Muna playing ping pong (a demo football) at a football museum in Brazil

She travelled with five other ambassadors from rural communities in Nepal where there is limited access to modern day amenities and where youth, especially girls, face various cultural and social barriers. However, her recent trip to Brazil and the FIFA World Cup™ has given her experiences that have changed her life for the better.

Muna, one of the youngest Generation Amazing youth ambassadors of them all, hails from Fulbari VDC in the Far Western district of Kailali. She is a leader in the Educate Girls Eliminate Poverty campaign in her community, implemented by Mercy Corps. She affirms that girls' participation, both in education and sports, is very limited in her community. She says, "I want to campaign more towards increasing girls participation in football. I want to raise awareness in my community about how sports can benefit girls to develop confidence and leadership skills." She feels equipped with more skills and knowledge after her round-the-world trip and is more determined than ever to work for her cause of increasing girls' participation in football. Muna's father, who used to be a migrant worker, is proud of his daughter's motivation and added skills.

She has also showed commitment to her new cause by sharing her learning of the various football activities assessment of resources and managing problem session and participation of girls in youth development activities in Brazil to her communities while also organizing friendly football matches.

Today, all six Generation Amazing ambassadors, including Muna, are more aware of problems facing youths in their communities and are better equipped with enhanced knowledge, confidence and leadership skills to raise awareness on youth problems and actions that can be taken to overcome those problems. Each of them is determined to continue playing football. They all have ambitions, but for now they want to share their experience and learning with other youths in their communities.

The Generation Amazing Youth Ambassador Programme has given them motivation, experience, confidence, and a network of mentors and friendships to continue contributing to the development of their individual skills, as well as of their communities in three districts of Kailali, by providing leadership skills, sports and infrastructure support.

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