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A new way of teaching

Children enjoying in CCL

Supporting the Role of Schools in Disaster Risk Reduction (SRSD) project is promoting the use of Child Centered Learning (CCL) in the schools in which it works. The CCL approach promotes learning in a more inclusive and participatory way and allows for children to initiate learning as it is driven by needs, interests, and priorities expressed by the children themselves. Particular interests are then addressed through tailored lectures or electives that cover those interests. CCL also embodies teaching techniques that focus on children self learning or learning through group work as an alternative to lecture or rote learning. Teachers from SRSD supported schools attended a CCL training of trainers, organized by Mercy Corps. The purpose of the training was to provide orientation on the concept and to enhance teacher capacity to facilitating DRR and health related topics using a CCL approach. The teachers trained then went back to their schools to orient their fellow teachers on CCL.

“I am a school teacher in Shree Darakh Secondary School in Kailali and one of the participants of the CCL training. After completion of the 5-day training on CCL, I went back to my school and gave a short orientation to my fellow teachers and encouraged them to implement the CCL teaching approach. The immediate results are encouraging. As the approach encourages group work among students, they are able to find solutions and present solutions. Moreover, students have become more interactive. The approach also helped students to learn to work as a team player. Even the most introvert student, who used to hide from teachers, have started to speak up in the small groups. I have experienced a huge difference in my teaching skills after the training. Student participation and the mutual learning between teacher and student have made regular classes interesting for both the students and myself. I am happy to see this progress and it feels good to see how my students are happily progressing.”

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