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On the Way to Improvement

New Chair lady for the CFUG

By BASE Staff

Kotahi Mahila CFUG is located in Dhodhari VDC-5 Basanta, Bardiya and it was handed over by District Forest Office Bardiya in 2065. Since then, this CFUG had no proper management system, didn’t hold regular meetings, didn’t manage their documents properly, including the well-being ranking of users, proper records of budget, bank signatures and other such serious oversights. All these gaps were due to the fact that there was conflict between new and old committee members.

BASE started its portion of the IRMI program in this CFUG through different activities. We carried out a self-capacity assessment in April 2014. Then we began to develop an operational plan based on the assessment findings and are taking action accordingly. As per plan, the CFUG has conducted a participatory well-being ranking and, according to that ranking, they have ranked all 70 households into three categories; A -10, B -12 and C-48. They have also changed their bank account authorization signatures in the name of the current executive committee members from those of the previous committee members. Now new members Mrs. Yoga Kumari Gautam, Chairperson, and Mrs. Sun Kumari Chaudhary, Treasurer, are duly authorized. The previous committee had failed to change the check signatures because they had conflict between new and old committee members. But now they have started properly maintaining the official documents of the CFUG that were lacking and this is helping them to be more accountable.

The CFUG is now conducting regular activities as per their new operational plan, including the holding of monthly meetings, updating the check authorization signatures, following the members’ well-being ranking, etc. Yoga Kumari Gautam. Chairperson of CFUG said, "The self capacity assessment has been a very useful tool and it has supported us in reflecting on the real status of our CFUG as a mirror.” She also added that “After the SCA, we made a plan to improve the way we work as per the findings and it has helped us to strengthen our CFUG." They are also implementing a forest animal shelter management program, coordinating with the District Forest Office and they are continuing their regular CFUG monthly meetings the second week of each month. This is a positive change in the CFUG effected through the IRMI program.

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