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Better Preparedness and Collaboration Lead to Quick Response in time of Disaster

PAHAL, working together with local stakeholders, responded quickly to a recent disaster in the Pyuthan district. Every year Pyuthan district, located in the mid-west region, suffers regularly from climate change related disasters. Last year’s rainy season (2016) was especially harsh for its residents. One specific disaster resulting from this heavy rainfall was a huge landslide, followed by a flood that swept through the district, killing 40 people and affecting 932 households and of that 221 households were completely swept away.

Soon after the disaster hit the area, the District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC), together with PAHAL, the VDC secretaries, Nepal Police, Nepal Red Cross Society, PAHAL implementing district partner -Fulvari Integrated Rural Development Organization Nepal (FIRDO), and other INGOs present, conducted an initial rapid assessment to measure the impact of the disaster. The assessment was carried out in accordance with the District Disaster Preparedness for Response Plan that PAHAL had provided technical assistance on to review and develop the plan.

Following the assessment, PAHAL, in coordination with the Pyuthan DDRC, Nepal Police, the Local Disaster Management Committee (LDMC), FIRDO, the local political party and journalists, distributed Non-Food Relief Items (NFRI), including shelter and protection kits to 170 affected households in three PAHAL affected VDCs; 48 in Arkha VDC, 82 in Khabang VDC, and 40 in Rajwara VDC. The households were selected together with the DDRC and LDMCs.