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Reducing risk through diversified income sources

Ram Bahadur Luhar of age 44 is a resident of Mudegaun VDC Ward No. 2, Doti. He has a family of six people, including his wife, two sons and two daughters. Ram Bahadur belongs to the Dalit ethnicity and by tradition their main profession is ironwork. But these days, the earnings he gets from this cannot fulfil the basic needs of a family of six. His caste’s traditional profession is at risk as other members in his community drop out. You can find their equipment in the market for sale and there seemed to be no future for him there. But Ram Bahadur participated in a cooperative education session and decided to use the services of his local SACCO. Ram Bahadur had no idea what services the SACCO provided at first, but after participating in a series of formalisation workshops, cooperative education sessions and community training on the benefits of formal and informal safety measures, Ram Bahadur realised the importance of formal financial services and took out a loan of NPR 20,000 (€171.68) from his SACCO to invest in diverse income sources. Ram Bahadur and his wife now raise pigs and have started vegetable farming. He has invested part of the loan amount in purchasing piglets and the remaining in vegetable farming. He is now earning NPR 100 each day from vegetable farming and has made a decent profit of NPR 12,000 by selling four piglets. Similarly, he has been able to save a sum of NPR 10,000 in his cooperative. Born in an underprivileged Dalit family, Ram Bahadur is now capable of sending his four children to school. He feels that his family is living a better and happier life because of his involvement in the cooperative and being able to diversify his sources of income.

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