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A step toward building resilient schools

A newly constructed earthquake resilient building

In September 2010, the Kailali district witnessed the severe flood due to heavy monsoon rains and this heavily affected Ram Shikharjhala VDC. Communities were directly affected by the floods whereas several hectors of productive land infrastructure buildings were washed away. Moreover, students of Kalika Lower Secondary School were forced to remain out of school during the summer.

Every year, the monsoon flood affects several communities and schools in Kailali. Mitigation measures adopted to respond such flood was very weak and without proper hazard and vulnerability assessment. As a result, spur constructed to mitigate disaster was swept away by 2010 flood.

Reflecting the bitter past incident, Manoj Buddha, a student of grade 7 said, “Flood swept away our school along with toilets and water points. We were out of our study. It was a stressful event for me and my friend as I thought my study would be stopped forever in my village and need to join another school, which was far away from my home”.

Immediately, after the incident, concerned authorities provided school with tents as part of emergency response. However, that did not work to support school to continue education for students. Though, District Education Office supported three blocks for the school, these weren’t enough to accommodate all students to continue their education. In response, MC supported additional one block to the school and after a month, more than 300 students were able to continue their education. Apart from this, MC also supported the construction of two rooms in the school following an earthquake resistant technology.

One of the community members shared, “Before, I felt stress while sending my children to school because school was located nearby river and prone to monsoon flood. Now, I don’t have any hesitation to send my children in the school as before. It is very good to see earthquake resistant building which is made up of adequate and quality materials in safe area”.

With the objective of promoting safe school standard, SRSD project has been supporting 75 schools of Kailali district through different mitigation measures, risk assessment, awareness and school preparedness plan including Kalika Lower Secondary School of Ramshikar Jhala.

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