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Economic Development and Opportunity

Spicing Up the Deal-Ginger

Phoenix Fund and Small Change Fund
Grant amount:
US $43,000 (Phoenix); US $15,000 (Small Change Fund)
Time frame:
July 1st 2008 - April 30th 2009 (Phoenix); April 1 2008- September 30, 2008 (Small Change Fund)
Nepal Ginger Producer & Traders Association (NGPTA), Farmer Groups, Himalayan Agro-Park (HAP), Chambers of Commerce (CCI) and Government Agencies
200 household of ginger growing farmers directly and 500 household indirectly including traders, exporters and other farmers

The Spicing Up the Deal-Ginger project sought to raise the incomes of poor, marginalized smallholder farmers in the Eastern hills of Nepal by helping farmers, collectors, processors and exporters increase their profitability by doing business in high-grade, low-fiber ginger. The project applied a model of working with multiple actors in a value chain- including farmers, collectors, traders and exporters. This process was implemented in partnership with trade associations, cooperatives, finance companies, and government agencies.

The original project proposal specified two different market solutions:

To facilitate the first market solution, the project team pursued several opportunities to increase the income of farmers, including better quality seeds, cultivation practices, business training, harvest techniques, storage and marketing. To facilitate improving market competitiveness, Mercy Corps worked with the Nepal Ginger Producers and Traders Association (NGPTA) to improve value chain governance. Farmers, traders and exporters were exposed to new processing technologies, but processing within the Eastern hills did not gain traction within the project period. High quality fresh ginger proved itself to be a very competitive product with high demand and a good price, providing farmers' ample potential to make profit without the additional costs or efforts of processing.

Ginger-a high impact commodityGinger-a high impact commodity

Project Goal
Increase incomes of poor, marginalized ginger farmers in Eastern Mid-hills of Nepal

Project Purpose
Ginger farmers, traders and exporters increase their profitability by upgrading their businesses to meet the market demand for high-grade, low fiber ginger.