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How we work

Vision for Change

At Mercy Corps, we believe that secure, productive and just communities emerge and endure when the private, public and civil society sectors interact with accountability, inclusive participation and mechanisms for peaceful change. Transformational change occurs through the combination of: programmatic impact in our communities; the ability to influence change makers at local and global levels; and a restlessness to innovate in search of better solutions.

  1. Promote Just and Democratic Governance
  2. Foster Inclusive Social Environments
  3. Increase Economic Prosperity
  4. Sustain Nepal’s Natural Resources

Partnership Approach

Mercy Corps Nepal's projects and programs incorporate private, public and civic sector partners, meaning that Mercy Corps Nepal endeavors to partner with private (business) and public (government) sector actors in addition to civic sector actors (such as non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations).

Management Approch

Mercy Corps Nepal programs are made up of multiple projects either running together or sequentially where sustainability factors are in-built through community ownership and participation; synergies with public, private and civic sector partners; and, market-driven programming; or, through a combination of all of these three factors.

Implementation Approach

Mercy Corps Nepal's field level implementation approach is based on the theoretical foundations of the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, which we believe captures the essence of why people are poor.