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Man Bahadur Chaudhari from Bisanpur, Kailali is a known face not only in his community but also around other nearby communities. He shares that around 25 years ago life was very different and difficult for him. The frequent flooding in his village would cut his fertile land and because he was unable to self-sustain, he said he had to go to India to work as a seasonal labour. After MRED started its intervention in Bisanpur, Kailali Chaudhary says life has changed drastically. The project in Bisanpur not only support in making community disaster management structure and initiating DRR and Livelihood in the community but also introduced Man Bahadur and the community to the early warning mechanism which builds their knowledge and confidence and help the community to be better prepared.

Man Bahadur was provided with a six days of training on early warning systems and on gauze reading. And after that he was handover with the responsible task of informing his community early about the upcoming floods.

He says: “I read gauze and pre-inform everybody about what the situation of water level is. If the situation is dangerous then I give the siren warning to the community” 

Chaudhary was also provided the training and exposure on Low-cost bioengineering, and he has been able to support and replicate the Low-cost bio engineering to many other communities of Kailali and Kanchanpur. Chaudhari shares that he’s very proud to be able to contribute to his community.

He says: “I am very lucky to be a part of MRED because when we were initially successful, MRED tried to replicate their activities around other communities of Kailali and Kanchanpur, but the communities did not believe initially and It was me who was then called to share my learnings to those communities. I got to go around many new places and help communities like ours to develop the Early warning mechanism as well as to provide training on low-cost bio engineering” 

leading by example

Chaudhari shares that he is very proud that he has received such respect and recognition because of MRED. He also coordinates with other wards for early warning and personally also guide and support other needed communities on Low-cost bio engineering technique as a resource person. He is happy to share his success and recognition, He proudly says “ MRED project has help me provide recognition in many communities and Local government “.