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partnership approach

Partnership Approach

Mercy Corps Nepal's projects and programs incorporate private, public and civic sector partners, meaning that Mercy Corps Nepal endeavors to partner with private (business) and public (government) sector actors in addition to civic sector actors (such as non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations).

In almost all cases, Mercy Corps' work also features partnerships with formal and informal community groups and community-based organizations as a foundational programmatic component. Mercy Corps believes that this approach enhances and promotes pluralism while increasing the likelihood of sustainability. However, for initiatives in which tri-partite partnerships between private, public and civic sector organizations are not feasible, at least two of these three sectors are incorporated.

Being a member of the Association of INGOs in Nepal (AIN), Mercy Corps adheres to the Partnership Guidelines of AIN and also to the Basic Operating Guidelines for development and humanitarian assistance activities in Nepal. Like other INGOs in Nepal, Mercy Corps operates under a General Agreement and Project Agreements signed with the Social Welfare Council, and is advised by a Central Project Advisory Committee comprised of members from the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare; the Social Welfare Council; the Ministry of Home Affairs; the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Local Government; the National Planning Commission; and, the Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives. District Project Advisory Committees are formed in each project district.